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Chloe Saunders
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Chloe Saunders is a fifteen year old girl. Her long blonde hair has red streaks that she put into it before she saw her first ghost and got hauled away to Lyle House. She's small for her age and there are times that people think she's younger than she really is. She loves her father more than anything and she misses her mother, who died when she was very young. Chloe is close to her mother's sister, Lauren, and she is very loyal. Before all of this happened, she was willing to take people's words at face value. She trusted easily, but she doesn't do that very much now.

Chloe has the dream to one day become a famous movie director, and at times maps out the things in her life as if it was a movie script. She can tell you almost anything about how movies are made and the flaws she sees in a lot of the famous ones.

As stated before, she is petite and sometimes uses that to her advantage. She can be shy and withdrawn, but when she makes friends with someone, she is loyal until the end. (The end being they betray her in some horrible fashion or they die. Even if you die on her, she can still be loyal -- just ask Liz.) The problem with this is when some people treat her like she's helpless or can't make decisions, she will sometimes let them bully her into doing what they think she ought to do. However, if you prick her temper, she will then do the very opposite of what you want her to do and head off in her own direction.

The betrayal of her aunt has hurt her deeply and she's still trying to find some meaning in why her aunt would turn her over to the people of Lyle House.

The one other thing to know about Chloe is that when she gets nervous or upset, she stutters. She's been working on it, but in situations of high stress to her, she sometimes falls back into stuttering.

Name: Chloe Saunders
Fandom: Darkest Powers
Room Number: 420
Cabin: Harpy A-3
Class: Junior
Birthday: April 14
Voice Mail: 555-GHST
Big Sibling: K-Mart Mancini
Mun Contact:
How's My Driving:HERE

Class Schedule:

Spring 2011
Philosophy 101--
Monday, Period 4
Is A Cigar--
Wednesday, Period 3

Summer Term 1 2010
The Birth of TV Comedy--
Monday, Period 1
Rookiehood 101--
Tuesday, Period 3
Romance 101--
Wednesday, Period 4
Self Defense and Kickassery--
Thursday, Period 5

Spring Term 2010
Horror 101--
Monday, Period 4
Love and Romance--
Wednesday, Period 4

Fall Term 2009
World Wars In Media--
Tuesday, Period 5
Adventures In Literature--
Wednesday, Period 3

Summer Term 2 2009:
Film Through The Ages --
Tuesday, Period 4
Creative Writing --
Tuesday, Period 5

Work Schedule:

Android's Dungeon Fridays
Coyote Medicine Sundays

Chloe is coming from the end of book two. Because her father is asking such a big reward for news of her, and because things are too dangerous for her right now, Andrew decides to send her somewhere safe. He has heard of Fandom from other supernaturals and feels that it would be the safest place for her while they decide what the next move in their fight with the Lyle House people should be. Chloe is not happy about being separated from her friends, but the boys decide that they need to keep her safe and out of sight. Therefore, unwillingly, she'll be coming to Fandom.
Chloe is a budding Necromancer. She has the ability to see ghosts and to bring the dead back to life. As she has only recently discovered this power, she doesn't have the best control over what she sees. She has accidentally risen the dead twice -- both being times of great stress and fear. Her powers frighten her, but she is realizing that the only way to control them and keep them from overwhelming her is to try to practice with them.

She is not a physical person, but has been known to try to fight back when she feels she has to. She carries a pocket knife that she has no idea how to fight with, but having it with her has made her feel safe.

She wears a necklace that came from her mother that is supposed to help keep her powers in control. This has worked up until recently and since being in Lyle House and experiencing what she has, the stone in the necklace has changed colors. Chloe doesn't yet know what that means or if the necklace was given to her for any other purpose.

Chloe does not like her powers and she won't purposefully use them if she can help it. Her powers scare the hell out of her.

2009 Cabin -- Spooky Things - B1

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